Developer Diary #3 – When we go live, DD on the Website and a Twitter explosion!

Hello everyone,

This week has been eventful! On Sunday we started with discussing the planning,as to what we need to do and when we can go live? Because after all, the only thing we want to accomplish is to make sure that our game ends up in your hands ASAP. So that you can play it with your friends and family. At the moment we think that it should be possible to go live on Kickstarter in the 4th quarter of this year., preferably October. At the end of this month we would like to announce which date specifically and start with sending invites to our launch party. Make sure to like us on Facebook if you are interested.

The diaries are transferred to the website, because this gives us more space for writing and lets us focus on the visualizations and short updates on Facebook and Twitter. About Twitter, Tamps is growing a huge following, almost 1700 followers already and growing! Different kinds of people from all over the world are interested in our game and following our tweets! Awesome and thank you so much for bringing our game to life..

Further our design team (Salko and Alex) is thinking about our style, box-art and Kickstarter movie. This is very much in a concept phase and we hope to give you more on this in a few weeks. To keep you up to date for now, meet Steven (a crazy spin-off of Salko’s mind):

Do you think he is sending a signal for Tamps?



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