Developer Diary #9 – Malware, Rules and new logo and box designs!!!

Hi Guys and girls!

Here we are again. The last weeks we have been busy with non-Tamps related events. Festivals and bachelor parties are throwing us a bit of schedule, so today was all about Tamps. Next week we won’t be here either, due to the wedding that logically follows the bachelor party, which btw was a huge success and heaps of fun. Thanks to everyone that was a part of it!!

The last days we have been working on the game rules, so they are proper enough to playtest. Our website has been down, due to some malware plugin, which took us some time to fix. We hope you didn’t experience any inconvenience from it. And Salko has been quite busy with making a new tamps logo:

And showcasing it on the box designs so we can determine how it looks, in solo style:

Also when it is piled up in a game shop:

And in black, which looks awesome:

This one I like the most, due to the colours jumping out of the dark space. What do you think? Let us know, so we can take it along in our final decision and you get to choose which box will sit in your closet later this year!! ??
Thanks for followingus and supporting the project!

Cheers Jesse – Tamps Development Team


Additional Designs:

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