The last weeks where all about the final details and shipping arrangements. But, it's all shaping up to be pretty
Today we gave the official GO! for the production process of Sign (Tamps). The manufacturer will make the first REAL
We want to give you a quick update about our manufacturing process. Today, we received a package from China, with
Here we are again! ?? It has been quiet from our side. Sorry for that. The last few weeks have
Hi folks, We are gearing up for our kickstarter live date at 28-10-2016. For this time we want as much
Dear friends, The last weeks our focus has been mainly on posting video’s and pictures on facebook and other social
Dear friends, As our Kickstarter launch draws near we are gearing up to make the Kickstarter movie. The goal of
Hi Guys and girls! Here we are again. The last weeks we have been busy with non-Tamps related events. Festivals
Two weeks ago Salko informed you about the start we made at the storyboard for our Kickstarter video. For the
Another Friday another Developer Diaries. This day we are going into depth on the financial side of developing a game.
In the last few weeks we have been steadily working on finalizing the graphical design of Tamps. We are trying
Today is all about this…: … and with a little bit more character, this…: … the character animation for our
Dear Friends, After DD#3 went live, I noticed that someone dropped in uninvited. A little blue winky guy called Steven.
Hello everyone, This week has been eventful! On Sunday we started with discussing the planning,as to what we need to
Today, Rens created the first draft of our Kickstarter movie storyboard. Super cool to think how we can combine the
Every week, preferably on Friday until we go Kickstart-live in October, we will keep you up to date on the